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Are You Headed For Masturbation Super Stardom?

You stroke every day. How many times do you do it? Be honest…three, four or jeez maybe five times a day! Why should you do it all by yourself when you can have a sexy voice purring in your ear? I’m sure you probably keep the lube right by the bed. Remember if you jerk off too much those cum loads get smaller. What will you do after you barely leak out a nickle-size load?

I suppose your definition of masturbation super stardomĀ is how many times you can get off in one day? Well, that would be fine if you were young, dumb and full of cum, but you aren’t. Your loads only get smaller. Why don’t we experiment and see how long you can choke the chicken before cumming? Let me cheer you on as you stroke your way onto my best jack off list. Save all that cum for me!:)



3 comments to Are You Headed For Masturbation Super Stardom?

  • Ms Lena, marathon masturbation is a real sport for some of our pets. Not sure how long they would actually last having you whisper sweet nothings in their ear!

  • Yes Ms Lena I have been saying that often and all along. Why stroke alone. I like the guys who set up pass the penis calls to as one said it, treat day, to listen to one sexy voice after the other, and the last mistress will surprise you or maybe not.

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Lena,

    Here is another definition of Masturbation Super Stardom: One who can stroke a long time and manages to NOT squirt out his cum for – not just months – but years. Keeping all of the semen inside the testicles, seminal vesicles, and prostate makes for a good aphrodisiac and a Tantric discipline. I keep enjoying the journey of erotic stimulation – WITHOUT release!

    This is one of the reasons why I call in to the LDW mistresses. I enjoy the conversation, while stroking the cock. Plus, I ALWAYS end the call with orgasm denial.

    Thank you for a GREAT post!

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