Chastity ChuckAlright, I know you got all excited for this blog and it’s late! You know what? Blame my girlfriend, Cristen who got me into some trouble by bringing a friend with her to our place. The “friend” turned out to be a new sub and the time got away from us for most of the weekend.She brought some gummies and well, enough said… Don’t worry though, I’m here to make it right and tell you about meeting Chastity Chuck.

My husband and I went away because neither of us had a vacation in a dog’s age. Naturally, we decided to spring for something much more extravagant than usual. We met Chastity Chuck at the roulette table on a luxury adults only cruise. He immediately struck up a conversation with us and asked if we were an escort couple. We both laughed and asked why he would say such a thing. He said we were too good-looking! Rico told him we had a few offers but that it was nothing like that.

Chuck asked exactly what type of offers Rico was referring to but just then we heard a loud squeal coming from another table. He smiled nervously and said, “She won again”. The she he was referring to was his wife, Andrea. She was hanging off the arm of a very distinguished- looking Black man with salt and pepper hair and a body that looked like a Greek statue. Chuck turned back to us and asked if we’d liked to come to their suite later. He explained that since Andrea won the roulette round that he had to be locked up in chastity.

As it turned out he never got to be with Andrea anyway. She enjoyed teasing him and was ready to get him a new owner. Guess who she had in mind? Chuck told us that she spotted us at the Captain’s Ball and gave him the task of convincing us to dominate him on a permanent basis. Rico and I told Chuck we wanted to talk about it and give him an answer the next evening. We told him goodnight and headed to our suite. As we walked away Rico said, “Can you believe he thought we’d come to their suite for whatever?”.

Once we were alone, I explained to Rico that Chuck would be locked up and never get to touch me but that I would be using my strap-on to peg him. Rico laughed so hard!!! Once I told him that once a month he would want to see us fuck, the laughter stopped. Then I explained that not only would Chuck be in chastity but would pay ten grand in cash for the privilege of watching, Rico smiled a wicked smile. He said that just so there was no “faggot stuff” or penetration of me that he was good. He even admitted that the idea of someone seeing him work my pussy over was exciting!

The next evening we saw Chastity Chuck and Andrea in the dining room. We told them we would love to own Chuck and that the terms were amenable. We explained our boundaries then ordered champagne. It’s a good thing we still have our place in New York since it looks like we’ll be going there a lot!