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Humiliation Gets You Hard

Something that would make most men wither with embarrassment is being cut down to size by a sexy woman. You are not most men though. Humiliation gets you hard! A few sarcastic words directed at your lack of endowment and you’re wishing you could find a place to jerk off. What is it about the whole scenario that makes your dick rise to the occasion? Is it the words a woman says, putting you in your place with a few haughty laughs or giggles? It could be the simple fact that a beautiful woman is teasing you.

Humiliation gets you hard because you know there is no chance of you ever having a woman like her. She is completely out of your league. Alright, you may have a chance if you are going to be a cuckold! That is a whole other level of humiliation. Rather than being ignored, you will be repeatedly reminded of your inadequacies, as the woman you think is yours fucks everyone but you. That probably gets you so hard you’re about to explode, right? I would love to talk about your ideas of real humiliation.

1 comment to Humiliation Gets You Hard

  • Petey cream puff

    Yes it does get me hard!!! I’ve been put in friend zone by girls I know and this is reason to start dressing up as a girl and accept who I am and become. Humiliation in them/masseuse spraying perfume/lotions on me along with having me wear bra/panties under my clothes and taking me out dressed up would be humiliating but if I’m with them and they tell everyone they did this to me and I wanted this would be hot as I am their cream puff girl who’s pussy whipped. I know I’m not boyfriend material anymore as I believe all women should do this to guys on regular basis.

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