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Humiliation Of A Sissy Cuckold

Your wife discovered you romping around in her panties. She thought something was wrong, but couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Now she knows and you will suffer the humiliation of a sissy cuckold. Her disdain for sex with you surfaced a long time ago. After the first time she asked if you were in yet, you knew it was not a good sign. From that day forward you never got to attempt intercourse with her again. That is when it all began. You felt so inferior because you knew you could not satisfy her. She would come in late at night and immediately get in the shower.

Wifey’s late night showers could only mean one thing. Her pussy was fucked to orgasm by someone other than your sissy cuckold ass! When she got in last night something was different. She undressed and got on the bed. You rolled over pretending like she woke you up, but she wasn’t fooled. “Get down there and lick it!” she said in a demanding tone. Immediately, you slid between her legs with a hard little button dick. The first taste made you flush with humiliation. The strong taste of  his cum left an aftertaste in your mouth that was unforgettable. This would be your life from now on. You would service her wearing sissy panties whenever she told you to. Such is the sissy cuckold life!

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  • Petey cream puff

    I am a sissy cockold as she’s taken control of my spending/pictures of me using perfumes/lotions on my skin/cheeks for my massages/wearing dresses/measuring/fitting me in bra along with makeup and lipstick as well taking me out dressed like this.

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