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Did you think this would stay a secret forever? You managed to hide your faggot tendencies all through college and one failed marriage. They were always lurking beneath the surface waiting to get out. I know it was not easy suppressing those desires to be a sissy bitch. Double dates must have been really tough because you couldn’t openly salivate over another guy’s  cock bulge. Examining the bulge too closely would have made your girlfriend suspicious. Real men never check out each other’s dicks , right?!!!

You took a little peek and that was it for you! There was no escaping the need to get on your knees. It all continued through your marriage which only lasted five years. You sucked cock until there was no way to hide your faggotry. The panties and dresses made it obvious that are a sissy bitch. No need to hide your need for cock and cum anymore because the whole town knows. Of course the Ex told everyone, it’s okay though no need to hide anymore.