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Join The Puny Pecker Humiliation Train

If you’re small and you know it, clap your hands!!! Yes, I am talking to you. You know exactly who you are. Have you stopped wearing men’s underwear because they sag and bag? That’s okay you’re not a real man anyway. You went from boy shorts to  pink panties. Can you hear me laughing, not giggling!!! If I saw a picture of you from the waist down, I would assume you were a woman. Okay, when I squint I can see a tiny bump in your panties.

There is no real advantage to having a puny pecker. I was going to just lock you up in chastity, but the smallest device I could find slips right off your baby carrot prick! The only thing to do is keep you in panties. They will keep your useless dicklet snug. You need me to reinforce your lack of manhood. Your next stop on the humiliation train is panty boy bitch!

1 comment to Join The Puny Pecker Humiliation Train

  • Petey cream puff

    This is what I need and want. With small penis I do need to be put in panties/bra/dresses as your cream puff girl. The only way I can get hard is having this done to me.

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