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You do not have to be a frilly sissy just because you have a shrimp dick. If you happen to recoil at the idea of wearing panties, that is fine too. One thing you have to get accustomed to is the constant humiliation though. Women may not be directly mean to you about your lack of endowment, but rest assured they will remind you in a quiet mocking tone that you don’t measure up.

Since you do not appeal to women as a real man, expect to be treated like the runt of the litter. The runt of the litter gets the last of everything, the scraps. Imagine getting sloppy seconds of your wife or girlfriend’s pussy! You may end up being the unwitting third in a cuckold relationship just because you have a wee weenie. I know none of this really surprises you at all. Your beta status has been painfully obvious for a long time. Everyone told you being smart was much more important.

It is just the two of us now…don’t you secretly wish you had a man-size cock? I know you do. You probably even prayed about it before!!! All the off hand jokes and giggles get old after awhile. Your beta geek persona makes you the stuff cocktease dreams are made of. Maybe having a shrimp dick isn’t all bad if it’s means women think you are adorable like a puppy. Just think, you will never have to worry about performance anxiety because nobody thinks you will perform anyway. Okay, the down side is…no pussy for you!