You have questions and I am here to give you answers. Keep in mind that kink advice is slightly biased in nature because a bit of opinion is involved. I get asked for my opinion on calls enough that I started to think that some of you may be brave enough to pose your questions in a public forum like this. There is a good chance that if you wonder whether something you experience or fantasize about is common, then other people are doing the same.

Send questions that you have to my email: and I will choose two to reply to here on my blog every Monday. It goes without saying that I reserve the right to answer only questions that are within the realm of what we talk about in the LDW universe. If you would not talk on a call about a specific topic, then please consider whether it is appropriate for public kink consumption.

Are you stumped about what to ask? Maybe you need a mistress’ point of view on bringing up the topic of a cuckold relationship or you got caught jerking off with your wife’s panties and don’t know what to do? Even if those examples are not your issue, you can certainly ask about anything else. I’m looking forward to the various topics you want to know about. It should go without saying, but I will anyway; this is for entertainment purposes and you do have a choice in how you handle any situation that could arise.

You may use a first name, initials, or a nickname when sending questions in. Let’s have some fun!!!