"DENIED"Fall is here and it brings with it the resurgence of my massage business. This time of year is so thrilling to me, because I get to see some familiar faces and a few new ones that need some tender loving care. Well, they think that all I give is manual delight, but I really deal in cock control! What self- respecting man would turn down pampering from a woman? That’s how I get men just like you, caught in my web.

I am a masturbatrix┬á disguised as a massage therapist. Okay, that didn’t come out quite right. I am fully capable and qualified to give you the therapeutic or relaxation massage of your life, however you want more. I know you want IT and more!!! Your rock hard cock tells the whole story. After turning over, from my magnificent back and gluteal massage that erection of yours will not disappear. It’s okay, I have ways to deal with it.

The subtle movement of my palms, edging closer to your groin, as I work the tension out, may be construed as being a cock tease. It is a tease and I am a natural at it for sure. Not only does your body obey me, but your mind does too. I am positive that if I told you to edge for me right now, you would. This is part of my plan, to make you feel a deep ache within your balls, which will beckon you back to me every time. My hands will make you shake, keeping you on the cliff of desire. Your deepest desire will be denied. Perhaps , if you come back another day?