Masturbation May is almost here and you know what that means! There is not one man out there, who hates to masturbate. Mistresses have been wise to you playing pocket pool all along. Everything seems to make you horny. This is the time of year when clothes begin to get skimpier in most parts of the country. If you are constantly walking around with a woodie, it is high time you consulted a masturbatrix.

You may wonder why you need a masturbatrix at all. Look down. Is your dick in your hand? Of course it is! That question has now been answered. Masturbation May is your chance to get that stroker addiction under control. Think about improving your sex life with masturbation sessions that prolong the feeling of reaching the edge. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel the pleasure of touching yourself, rather than always going straight for the cum shot?

Right now you might be thinking, ‘no’, but let me hear your answer after you have a guided masturbation call with me or do a round of circuit training. I will change your mind!