By now,  if you’ve been reading my blog, you already know that I am a Massage Therapist by day. I have to admit -I love doing it. My mostly male clientele is so eager and appreciative when they get on my table. I have changed a few things about the sessions I offer, but we can talk about that later. I am enhancing the experience in little ways, that I believe really make massage more pleasurable. A certain segment, of the population enjoys some subtle sensual domination thrown in and I am ready to give it to them!!!

Cock teasing for a hot massage

One of the things I changed is my clothing. Maybe you never contemplated what a woman might wear to give massages. Instead of my khaki shorts and tank top, I now wear a short khaki skirt, a button-down vest and wedge sandals that are pretty high. This slight change has elicited some cock dripping responses. Because my feet have a fresh pedicure every week, a few of my clients prefer to have the whole massage on their stomach. A man can watch my smooth peds in those wedge sandals, as I work on his shoulder muscles. I even lift my foot up to his mouth, for the occasional foot worshiping kiss!

Happy ending with edging

Since I enjoy providing the ultimate experience for my special boys, I modified my massage table. Now, there is a hole for guys to stick their cocks through, while lying on their stomach. Can you imagine how such a simple thing, adds so much pleasure? When the massage is near a close, I instruct my client to stroke his cock for a few minutes. He is NOT allowed to orgasm. I place a butt plug inside his ass and stimulate his prostate. While his ass is stuffed and feeling good, I begin to edge him. By now, he is humping the table! When his balls have reached their optimum fullness, I release his cock…and of course the timer goes off :).

This has been working so well for me!  Now , I have clients who book  massages for two hours or more. I would love to know, how I could control your cock with my sensual massage.