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Where is Mistress Lena’s Man?

Looking for my perfect subbie boyfriend

Don’t get all excited yet, guys. I’m not conducting interviews for personal slaves. You probably wondered why I was not around and writing very much for the past month or so. It all started  around the end of April, when I began to get drawn into the dating scene. First of all, let me tell you that I am not  using traditional methods of dating . After some dating debacles, with men whose tastes were hardcore BDSM, I called in the reinforcements. The help that I needed, came in the form of a sexy Blonde named Janice. No, Janice is NOT my new lover! She is a matchmaker.

A Mistress’ criteria

Janice asked me what I needed . A sly smile crept over her face next, as she asked me what I wanted, indicating that they are two separate things. A man who is attractive and in good physical condition would be a given. Now, a man who enjoys being a cuckold, not so easy to find. Okay, I admit it! I am the type of woman ,who adores being satisfied by multiple men. I NEED a man who can enjoy that part of me too. It’s extremely arousing, to imagine my partner listening to my moans of ecstasy from another room, as he masturbates. Ideally, being with two men would be a regular occurrence for me. This may be where things get tricky, but please let this horny cuck also be bi-curious.

Things are looking good

Even with all the specific things I am looking for in a man, believe it or not ,I  had a marriage proposal already! I gracefully declined because we weren’t quite the match I needed. He was a lot of  fun to be with though. Can I tell you a little secret? I feel alive in a way, that I haven’t  in a long time. Who knows what will happen, but I’m enjoying the experience.  How would you feel  being  in a relationship with a woman like me? I always love to hear your comments.

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