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What Mistress Likes About CBT

Some of you may not know that I enjoy doing cbt. What mistress likes about cbt is the change of inflection in a callers voice when he follows my instructions to punish his balls. Whether it’s a ping pong paddle that whacks those balls, or a magazine , I get excited at your cries of agony. Your balls will be squeezed by a cock ring making them full, tight and red. My goal is to make them turn blue.

Once your balls turn blue, they will become more sensitive to touch. Go ahead and rake that toothbrush over the dripping wet head. I know it makes your cock throb, but there’s still that twinge of discomfort. It will be difficult to sit down tomorrow. The aftermath of cbt may be the worst part about it. Strategically placed clothes pins pinch the skin on the cock as it reaches maximum rigidity. Make me smile and press open the ends of those clothes pins and let them snap back on your skin! Let’s see if you can take the torment I dish out.

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