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No Accidental Cummies

You enjoy rubbing your clittie way too much. That is why you need instructions from me on how to do it. It is my responsibility to teach you self control, so no accidental cummies. You must be able to follow my directions and hold your cum in at all costs. If you have to grit your teeth, squeeze your ass cheeks together or remove your hand from the baby carrot stick, then do it! Squirting prematurely is completely unacceptable.

If you cannot adhere to the “no accidental cummies” rule, I will be forced to take drastic measures. You might wonder what that may include. Chastity will be the best course of action. Sure it will get messy and leaky, but you will get accustom to that. Use a maxi pad in your panties, if it bothers you that much. Believe me, I would prefer that you control your girly secretions. Practice playing with your clittie like a girl, slow and easy. Breathe and most importantly…don’t make cummies until I tell you to!!!

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