It should be no surprise to you that dating women has been such a disaster. Do you think after they find out about your little surprise between the legs that they will ever want to be with you? Of course not! They will keep you around to use as the butt of jokes,until they find a real man. Be prepared for the bragging about the “real”man’s size and plenty of comparisons. Once they realize how excited this talk about him gets you, there is no turning back for you sissy!

The questions about you having ever sucked a cock will begin to multiply. You skipped past panty boy and went straight to cocksucker territory. It’s okay though, we know you love to suck cock. It seems like you constantly get into a situation with women, where you end up deep throating their boyfriend’s nine inch schlong. It is impossible to stop and recover your manhood. You never were a true manly man anyway. Don’t worry sissy, stay on your knees and enjoy it. This is what you were meant to do!