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Not A Cocksucker Anymore

Were you able to get rid of all those thoughts of getting on your knees? I bet you think you’re not a cocksucker anymore? Who are you trying to fool? Somehow, I doubt you stopped watching the porn with all those big dick cum shots! You may be able to go for a few days without having a cock pushed down your throat, but do you quit thinking about it? Don’t lie to yourself.

You think about being a cocksucker every day. You probably remember when you sucked the last cock. How long has it actually been? I know there have been a few slips here and there. Remember driving and wondering how you got in the parking lot of the adult bookstore? Of course, you wanted to see if there were any new cocks at the glory holes. Before you could even think about it, there you were taking a mouthful of nine inch cock! Now let’s talk about how you’re not a cocksucker anymore.

2 comments to Not A Cocksucker Anymore

  • Emily

    I think about sucking cocks all day long every day .

  • Mistress Amber

    Once a cocksucker, always a cocksucker! Good luck trying to get it out of your head and have ANYTHING else replace the cock you see when you close your eyes! The moment you got on your knees, everything changed and there’s no going back, slut!

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