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Recycle Your Own Cum

We have already established that you do not care for eating another guy’s cum. Eating your own splooge is another story though. What makes you want to recycle your own cum? Is that it tasted so good the first time you tried it that you just had to keep doing it over and over? . . . → Read More: Recycle Your Own Cum

You Exist For Mistress’ Amusement

In case it is not clear , you exist for mistress’ amusement. Stay on my good side and make sure to keep me smiling. How do you achieve this goal? Start out by removing all of your clothes. Mistress gets a good laugh looking at the stub between your legs that you call a . . . → Read More: You Exist For Mistress’ Amusement

Humiliation Gets You Hard

Something that would make most men wither with embarrassment is being cut down to size by a sexy woman. You are not most men though. Humiliation gets you hard! A few sarcastic words directed at your lack of endowment and you’re wishing you could find a place to jerk off. What is it about . . . → Read More: Humiliation Gets You Hard

Kinky Cravings

It won’t take much to convince you to serve me. There are certain kinky cravings you have that she just doesn’t satisfy. How many sleepless nights have you spent wishing she would make the first move? When she finally does it, she will be forcefull, sexy and insatiable! The thought of being controlled gets . . . → Read More: Kinky Cravings

What Is Your Sissy Persona?

It is obvious that you like being girly and feminine, but that could mean something different than other people imagine. How do you like to be treated? What is your sissy persona? Are you the coy,shy sissy? Maybe you are the classic 1950’s housewife or the bimbo slut!What style would fit your image the . . . → Read More: What Is Your Sissy Persona?

Chastity Puts Mistress First

Do you know how much of a distraction access to your cock creates? Chastity puts mistress first! The elimination of stroking forces you to pay attention to her needs, not your own. On an average day, you would be stroking to porn for hours or rubbing that clit stick in your panties. Now that . . . → Read More: Chastity Puts Mistress First

Cock And Ball Torment Without Toys

If you do not have any fancy gadgets at home that’s okay. Cock and ball torment without toys can work. You don’t need a TENS unit or any other fancy equipment. I will tell you there are a few household items that can come in handy though. You need rubber bands. About ten of . . . → Read More: Cock And Ball Torment Without Toys

Give In To Cock Sucking Desires

I completely understand how you may be apprehensive. Giving in to cock sucking desires is a big step. It is one thing to watch porn and jerk off while you imagine being on your knees with a cock in your mouth, but quite another to actually find a cock to suck and do . . . → Read More: Give In To Cock Sucking Desires

She Knew You Were A Sissy

Did you actually think you were fooling anyone? Your wife isn’t dumb. She knew you were a sissy. Your indifference to sex with her was obvious. The few times you actually had a pulse in bed she could tell you were not all there. Gee whiz!!! Were you thinking about galavanting around the . . . → Read More: She Knew You Were A Sissy

Not A Cocksucker Anymore

Were you able to get rid of all those thoughts of getting on your knees? I bet you think you’re not a cocksucker anymore? Who are you trying to fool? Somehow, I doubt you stopped watching the porn with all those big dick cum shots! You may be able to go for a few . . . → Read More: Not A Cocksucker Anymore