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Pantyhose Sissy

It’s your favorite time of day. Being a pantyhose sissy means your heart rate increases, when you hear the mailman approach. You have been waiting for the special package to be dropped into your mailbox for days. Part of the thrill of ordering online is that you can get anything you want. The selection of pantyhose for a frilly sissy like you is endless! There are sheer to waist, control top or sandal foot pantyhose, so many styles to choose from.

You fling the door open to grab the latest acquisition from the mailbox. Your sissy heart races, as you tear open the package. There they are in all their smooth, sexy glory. The light hits them just so and makes them sparkle. You pull them on over your naked ass and clittie, sighing seductively. Now is the time to retreat into your bedroom to play with that sissy nub in pantyhose. Tell me what you love about your pantyhose play time!

3 comments to Pantyhose Sissy

  • Miss Lena, there is no shortage of sissies out there enjoying pantyhose play time. Most sissies love fine hosiery as it hides the male flaws so well. So glad your sissies are getting real lessons in feminization under your wing.

  • Cocksucker Johnny

    OMG Lena!
    I’m not sure what I love more… Pantyhose or Cock!?!?
    My love for Pantyhose goes way way back! So silky, soft, shimmery, and preferably, very tight!! And so naughty for a guy to slip into a pair! Damn! I think I’ll order some now!! 🙂

  • Mistress Amber

    I don’t have a pantyhose kink per se….but I sure love the way they feel, especially in those Portland OR winter when a cool breeze blows on my legs. Now that I’m moving to Vegas, I’ll probably need to wear them more for indoor playtime with subs as opposed to during those warm days I’m heading towards!

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