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Please Your Mistress By Eating Cum

We talked last time about holding your cum , but what  if you want to eat it? You can definitely please your mistress by eating cum. Why do I love it when you slurp down a hot load for me? It embodies the very word devotion. You are willing to take the by-product of masculine pleasure into your mouth, whether it means you are a sissy bitch or not. You don’t have to be gay to slurp up some jizz, so don’t worry about that. The only thing you need to be is my puppet, willing to obey without question.

I know there are plenty of wanna be cum eaters out there. They claim that they want to please me, but they are scared. Scared of the taste, scared of appearing to be a pansy just plain apprehensive of walking on the edge. I always say one should try something first, then decide if you want to do it again. Maybe you’re afraid you will like eating cum so much that you’ll turn into a frilly sissy?!! Funny, one of my girly girls did tell me the more she ingested sperm the more feminine it made her.

The jury is still out on whether or not pleasing mistress by eating cum will turn you into a panty boy. It could turn you into an addicted stroker though, if you like the taste of your own splooge. You can start out by dipping your finger into the precum that drips from the head and licking it off. If you want to skip from appetizer to main course, go straight to eating from a spoon or jerking off in your mouth!

Let me know how it goes. I love to watch on cam or talk about the juicy details in a call.

2 comments to Please Your Mistress By Eating Cum

  • dickwacker

    Mistress Lena, It would be my pleasure to be a dirty little cum eating puppet for you and it would even be hotter if you let me do it while on cam. Maybe you should make me shoot my load in a martini glass and then I could drink a nice cumtini for you. If you want I could gargle it then spit it back in the glass. To amuse you I could scoop it up and rub it all over my face. I so want to be a nasty nasty boi for you to laugh at and humiliate.

  • D

    Yes please! Please Mistress I will. Damn! I always love how you say eat it, eating cum, I love it when you slurp down a hot load for me, devotion, into your mouth, slurp up some jizz, eating cum, my puppet, willing to obey without question, please me, bitch , eating from a spoon, jerking-off in your mouth, licking it off, I love to watch on cam! Will need to get on cam in front of you soon.

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