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Prostate Milking Madness

Your secret is out

I know what you like, you naughty boy. Something that many think is dirty ,not a place to be touched at all, but you love being touched in your man hole, don’t you…You love to use toys in your anal play and masturbation sessions. That buzzing prostate massager does  the trick, doesn’t it? That internal sweet spot that makes you purr like a kitten and drives you wild, you don’t even need to touch your cock to cum buckets ,if someone is giving you a proper prostate milking.

Strap on fun for your hard on

I had a boyfriend that used to be into that kind of anal play as well, and when I’d give him a blow job and use a toy on him at the same time, he would explode with amazing force, I’d never seen anything like it. One night he asked me if I’d consider using a strap on and fuck him. I do enjoy taking charge, so I certainly agreed. We started off in the missionary position with me on top and holding his knees up while I fucked him and he stroked his cock and blew his load all over his tummy and his chest. After that, I told him to get on all fours, because he was my little bitch!

Manually milking that prostate dry

If he was a good boy, sometimes I’d give him a prostate milking with my fingers and he would absolutely whimper with pleasure. Just like a porn star whore. He would unleash a torrent of jizz ,like during no other kind of orgasm when I stroked his special spot, so I soon learned to control his orgasms by tease and denial and then an eventual huge release this way. He loved it.

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