What self-respecting man doesn’t want and need a queen of his own? Whether it is your masturbatrix or shoe fetish queen, you should be honored to have a woman who lavishes you with such attention. My personal choice would be Queen of Body Worship. There is nothing I love more than instructing a man who knows his place in the proper application of oral servitude!

Where to start

Did you think that I would let you lick and suck your way to pleasure right away? Mmmm…NO! You have to start with my sensually clad, stocking feet. It excites me to have you at the ready, on your knees. Perhaps, I should give you some knee pads, since this could become a permanent situation. That all depends on you, though. Pucker your lips perfectly, to kiss my steel toe stilettos. I will cross my legs and dangle that sexy 5 inch heel in front of your face. After it falls to the floor, take my shapely leg and position it on your shoulder. Now, you may kiss all the way up my leg, to the top of my lace thigh highs.

A lucky chance to please

If you have made it all the way to the tops of my thigh highs, you are a very good boy! I realize this heady experience can make one weak in the knees. For a moment, I want you to inhale the scent of my pussy. The warm, feminine perfume of my sex, permeates your nostrils. You may not touch me until commanded to do so. I know, you are hard and this is no easy feat. Stand up for me and remove all your clothing from the waist down. Now on your knees, come very close to my womanly mound. Kiss my rosebud delicately and pleasure me, until I reward you, with the sweetest honey on your lips.