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She Knew You Were A Sissy

Did you actually think you were fooling anyone? Your wife isn’t dumb. She knew you were a sissy. Your indifference to sex with her was obvious. The few times you actually had a pulse in bed she could tell you were not all there. Gee whiz!!! Were you thinking about galavanting around the house wearing panties and a bra while the two of you fucked? No wonder she sensed something was amiss. You came very hard that night though.

Your uncharacteristic enthusiasm made her suspicious. She planted those panties as a way to trip you up. She knew you were a sissy for sure, once you put them back in the drawer. They had the familiar little dicky jerk off smell on them. You might as well have cum on them idiot! Now she is out enjoying the company of a real man. The next step for you is chastity. She’ll be coming home with a cock cage tomorrow!

2 comments to She Knew You Were A Sissy

  • Mistress Amber

    Oh, please! Husbands think they’re so slick. Wives are hella smart and perceptive and they know exactly what’s going on! Even those that call us and swear up and down that they’ve been keeping secrets from their woves for years…..they just THINK they have! This post literally made me LOL!

  • Petey Cream Puff

    My masseuse knows I’m a sissy after I told her I like to dress 2 years. I should’ve known this when she gave me her purse to buy her items without question. With her giving me 5 of her old bras a month ago this really sealed it for me along with her spraying perfume and lotion on my massages and cheeks,taking control over my spending so I can do massages 3xweek 2 hours and monthly waxings. She told me I’m lucky I’m not in relationships. I told her I’m to into dressing up as girl to be in one. With all of this happening I’m in female lead relationship with her as she said this is who I am and become which is her cream puff girl.

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