My friend, Debbie called me yesterday to talk about a particularly difficult client, that had been seeing her for a year. Normally, she’s hush-hush about her patients and would never violate her doctor-patient relationship. I could tell that Cody, not his real name of course , really had her rattled. For a year ,she had been trying to rid him of his desires to suck cock. His desires were so strong, that he had become a chronic masturbator.

Mistress’ cock control methods

I agreed to take Cody on as a sub. He was required to sign a waiver , stating my right to use ANY means, in my arsenal, to rid him of the behavior he had exhibited. The first night of treatment, I used cbt as a way to control his cock. The bed in my spare room was fitted with rubber sheets, in case of any bodily fluid leakage. The restraints were fitted to Cody’s ankles and wrists. I left his cock and balls unrestrained, hooked up the cables and turned on the generator. As the electricity began to wake up his balls, I turned on the images of men sucking each other off. This type of aversion training is all some subs need. For Cody, it didn’t work so , I decided the chastity device with anal plug was the one to use.

Cocksucker turned sissy bitch

Everyday for three months Cody wore a complete chastity belt. Not only was his cock encased, so were his balls. I let him out of his chastity contraption once a month to be masturbated by me, as we watched video of  women kissing and masturbating. As he would get close and start to squirt, I would ruin his orgasm. Then he would clean up and put his chastity belt back on. I noticed over this period of time, Cody started asking to wear panties and skirts. Something else very interesting happened, his cock and balls shrank! The balls were like grapes ,with an over sized clitoral nub between them.

Perfect Sissy girlfriend

Maybe, the electricity along with the full chastity did it for Cody? To be perfectly honest, I was shocked to see this almost hermaphrodite looking genitalia. Since he had no real maleness about him, I made Cody my little bitch. To everyone else, he was “Colette”. A few nights a week I would don my strap-on and give her a good fucking. I knew how much she loved this, because the first time I slid it inside her , it only took a few pumps and she squealed, “Mistress.. I’m squirting, oh, ohhhhh!!!” Even her voice had  a feminine , softness to it. We had to get her a whole new wardrobe. Some of my studs enjoyed her new “pussy” too.

When Debbie asked me about Cody, I told her he didn’t exist anymore. She was astonished after I told her the complete story. “Well, if anybody could do it, I knew it would be you–Mistress!” She let out a haughty laugh and grinned from ear to ear.