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When you think of your life as a sissy, do you imagine going out to clubs or glory holes all dressed up? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can have sissy fun at home. I know some of you have no plans to go out on the town and show your sissy side to the world.  That is completely fine. Gather all of your toys , makeup, clothes and accessories and get ready to have a ball.

Start out by taking a bubble bath and make sure you remove all hair. Don’t forget to smooth on a heavenly smelling lotion or spritz a little perfume in intimate spots! If you don’t put on anything but lipgloss, a little makeup will make you feel more feminine. Wear a  bra with panties, stockings and heels or get completely decked out adding jewelry and a slutty dress. Having sissy fun at home can be whatever you want it to be! Perhaps you only need panties, a dildo and some privacy. That will work too.