The warmer weather is slowly creeping across the country. I know it makes you feel all excited and sticky in those pink panties. Now is the perfect time to get all the cute undies and waxing that you will need. Trust me, stubbly legs are not cute on anyone, especially not a sissy! Exfoliate all the dead skin from your body and slather the lotion on. Have you picked out your new perfume yet? Go to that huge store with all the make-up and fragrances. At least you can get everything that you’ll need in one place.

Don’t forget to give your house a makeover. Maybe some brighter curtains and a vase with colorful flowers in the living room will do the trick? Of course, if you really want to go big sissy there’s always the remodeling project you have been thinking about all winter. Give those men doing all the work a peek at a new Spring dress and heels! Your guests will appreciate the color and effort when they come over for parties. Get started now, so you can relax by the pool later while sipping a Cosmo!