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We are halfway through March and you have been experiencing your own kind of madness. In most places we are on the cusp of Spring. I’m convinced that the longer, sometimes warmer days bring on Strokers’ March Madness. You’ve been doing it a lot, haven’t you? I see you grinning sheepishly. You see women starting to wear lighter clothes, their sexy silhouettes showing a little bit. You can’t help but jerk off as soon as you get home.

You jerk so much. Would you like to enter into a little competition? Stroke five minutes a day without cumming. Add five minutes onto your stroking time every  three days. Do not allow yourself to cum though. You may have one orgasm per week. Be diligent about sticking to the instructions. Remember that breaking the rules will result in disqualification. Plenty of other strokers are competing against you. The challenge is open to anyone, so don’t get discouraged if you cannot last fifteen  minutes yet. Get ready to compete!