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Put Your Legs To The Moon For Mistress’ Strap-on!!!

You get so hot and horny for mistress , don’t you? I know honey. Late at night , you get a twitch in those panties, wishing you could surrender to the sweet, filling feeling of my strap-on cock. Maybe you are a panty boy experimenting with the feeling of being fucked or a bi . . . → Read More: Put Your Legs To The Moon For Mistress’ Strap-on!!!

Cocksucker Diary Confession

Cocksucker confession

My cocksucker confession is that I am addicted to sucking guys off. Ever since I had my first taste of a juicy, thick dick in my mouth, I can’t help but fantasize about it! It didn’t take much at all for me to get over my first time cocksucking jitters either. There . . . → Read More: Cocksucker Diary Confession

Getting Porked for Christmas (or a Coerced Bi Holiday Fantasy)

Did you get porked for Christmas?

Little Timmy was good all year long. His letter arrived in August, because he was so sure that Mistress Lena Claus would have something wonderful for him. Well, he was watched  during the year , wearing his panties and enduring long sessions of orgasm denial. He was . . . → Read More: Getting Porked for Christmas (or a Coerced Bi Holiday Fantasy)

Blowjob Heaven

Do you remember the first time you did it? You know what I’m talking about…..a blowjob, silly! Was it awkward or did you devour that cock like a $20 whore? Some would argue that oral sex is much more intimate than penetration. What do you think?

First time cock sucking jitters

Maybe the thought . . . → Read More: Blowjob Heaven

Lucas Gets Outted

Lucas was unable to stop the fantasies running through his imagination. He  had to concentrate harder at work so as not to give himself away. Every chance he could get away from his desk, he went to the bathroom. It was the same scenario every time, he would sit down in the stall, pants . . . → Read More: Lucas Gets Outted

Coerced Cocksucking

A  Mistress’  power

One of the great things about being a Mistress is that I can use my authority, to get guys to do things for me that they’ve always wanted to do, but have never quite had the nerve to try for themselves. Sucking cock  for me is one of those things.   It’s . . . → Read More: Coerced Cocksucking