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The Big Black Cock Mistress

I had a caller the other night, who made me think possibly I needed to reiterate this for some of you. Little pricks don’t matter. The only pleasure any woman, including myself would get from looking at a tiny pin dick is laughter! Lots of laughter!!! I am after all, the mistress of BIG . . . → Read More: The Big Black Cock Mistress

Arranging an IDEAL Cuckold Moment

When we talk about cuckold situations, usually the wife has sought out a lover ,who can satisfy her with his more than ample cock. Admittedly, this is a hot scenario and one my partner experiences quite a bit. There are few things more exciting, than coming home after a long day, only to hear . . . → Read More: Arranging an IDEAL Cuckold Moment

Cuckold Training

Inadequate feelings

Tell me, my dear, just how long have you had these feelings of yours?¬† How long have you wanted to be a good little cuckold¬† for me? Well, the time to fantasize has come and gone. Now it’s time for you to live out that fantasy which has remained buried deep in . . . → Read More: Cuckold Training

Evolution of Kinky Lena

How it all began

Do you remember,when you realized that you loved and needed kinky sex in your life? I certainly do, and I KNOW you do too. A little background is necessary first though. I grew up in a sheltered Catholic household, where sex was never talked about. Deep inside myself, I knew . . . → Read More: Evolution of Kinky Lena