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The Big Black Cock Mistress

I had a caller the other night, who made me think possibly I needed to reiterate this for some of you. Little pricks don’t matter. The only pleasure any woman, including myself would get from looking at a tiny pin dick is laughter! Lots of laughter!!! I am after all, the mistress of BIG . . . → Read More: The Big Black Cock Mistress

Thanksgiving And The Devoted Sub

Hi again, kinksters! With Thanksgiving looming very close, I was reminded today of the virtues of a devoted sub. I can’t say exactly which submissives in the BDSM world are the most devoted, but my most devoted sub of the day happened to be an edger. I will call him “Kurt”. Now, Kurt is . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving And The Devoted Sub

Put Your Legs To The Moon For Mistress’ Strap-on!!!

You get so hot and horny for mistress , don’t you? I know honey. Late at night , you get a twitch in those panties, wishing you could surrender to the sweet, filling feeling of my strap-on cock. Maybe you are a panty boy experimenting with the feeling of being fucked or a bi . . . → Read More: Put Your Legs To The Moon For Mistress’ Strap-on!!!

Where is Mistress Lena’s Man?

Looking for my perfect subbie boyfriend

Don’t get all excited yet, guys. I’m not conducting interviews for personal slaves. You probably wondered why I was not around and writing very much for the past month or so. It all started  around the end of April, when I began to get drawn into the dating . . . → Read More: Where is Mistress Lena’s Man?

My Vacation Fireworks

Southern comfort

As you all know, I packed up, to escape for some decadent fun on July 4th weekend. It all started , with my girlfriend’s invitation to a Nude Independence Day Picnic. Hey, I had no idea what this might entail, but you know me, if there is potential for anything kinky to . . . → Read More: My Vacation Fireworks

Coerced Cocksucking

A  Mistress’  power

One of the great things about being a Mistress is that I can use my authority, to get guys to do things for me that they’ve always wanted to do, but have never quite had the nerve to try for themselves. Sucking cock  for me is one of those things.   It’s . . . → Read More: Coerced Cocksucking