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Ooops!!! You Did It AGAIN???

Let a dick end up in your mouth, I mean! Honey, the fact that you went back for more, after sucking the first cock, definitely means you are a faggot. Awww…don’t cry. You got over the first time cock sucking jitters quicker than most, that’s all. Look, I have got something that may cheer . . . → Read More: Ooops!!! You Did It AGAIN???

Coerced Sissification

Mistress’ plan

My submissive , Adam had the impression that we were only shopping for home accessories. Sometimes, I used his back as a step stool, if something was on a high shelf in the store. He was always perfectly still as my heels dug into his flesh. He stayed as still as a . . . → Read More: Coerced Sissification