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The Pool boy and the Princess

There are certain advantages to having a boyfriend who is well -off and travels quite a bit. Besides all the shopping that I get to do, my house in Westchester is exquisitely decorated. I have always had a taste for the finer things in life, so of course I needed a place complete with . . . → Read More: The Pool boy and the Princess

Hiding in the Closet for a Creampie

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Secrets of a cuckold

James hid in the closet, as he listened to the laughter of their voices echo in the hall. Samantha always loved a Bull, an Alpha male to get her wet. He wondered what his friends might think,¬† if they knew his wife had sex with other men. . . . → Read More: Hiding in the Closet for a Creampie

Christmas is Cumming!!!

Have you thought about what Mistress could give  you for Christmas? How about a stocking full of sexy thong panties for your frilly sissy ass? Oh, I know you would love that, but maybe there are other plans in store for you.

Gifts for a sissy

Perhaps, you’re going to be part of the . . . → Read More: Christmas is Cumming!!!