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Where is Mistress Lena’s Man?

Looking for my perfect subbie boyfriend

Don’t get all excited yet, guys. I’m not conducting interviews for personal slaves. You probably wondered why I was not around and writing very much for the past month or so. It all started  around the end of April, when I began to get drawn into the dating . . . → Read More: Where is Mistress Lena’s Man?

Cuckold Training

Inadequate feelings

Tell me, my dear, just how long have you had these feelings of yours?  How long have you wanted to be a good little cuckold  for me? Well, the time to fantasize has come and gone. Now it’s time for you to live out that fantasy which has remained buried deep in . . . → Read More: Cuckold Training

Evolution of Kinky Lena

How it all began

Do you remember,when you realized that you loved and needed kinky sex in your life? I certainly do, and I KNOW you do too. A little background is necessary first though. I grew up in a sheltered Catholic household, where sex was never talked about. Deep inside myself, I knew . . . → Read More: Evolution of Kinky Lena