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Thanksgiving And The Devoted Sub

Hi again, kinksters! With Thanksgiving looming very close, I was reminded today of the virtues of a devoted sub. I can’t say exactly which submissives in the BDSM world are the most devoted, but my most devoted sub of the day happened to be an edger. I will call him “Kurt”. Now, Kurt is . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving And The Devoted Sub

Massage and Denial

Fall is here and it brings with it the resurgence of my massage business. This time of year is so thrilling to me, because I get to see some familiar faces and a few new ones that need some tender loving care. Well, they think that all I give is manual delight, but I . . . → Read More: Massage and Denial

Miss Lena Guides Your Stroking

“Stroke for me NOW!”

Miss Lena guides your stroking

Miss Lena guides your stroking to the edge and back. From now on, you will only jerk off when I tell you that you can and you will do it in the way that I tell you to. You don’t want to disobey and . . . → Read More: Miss Lena Guides Your Stroking

Double Your Orgasm Fun

I recently had one of the best calls ever, with a man who was extremely sexy and interactive. You may wonder ,what made that conversation so hot? Not only was it creative, but I could feel his desire through my phone. To be perfectly honest, it made me wet!!!! Of course, I enjoy my . . . → Read More: Double Your Orgasm Fun

Get Some REAL Satisfaction!!!

How much is too much

Welcome to what a few Mistresses around here, at LDW  have affectionately called,  ” jerkin’  June”. In my conversations with other Mistresses, we have talked about the amount of time some men spend masturbating. While it varies from a few times a week to a few times a day, . . . → Read More: Get Some REAL Satisfaction!!!