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Strict Protocol for Miss Lena’s Sissies

Every Mistress knows that Sissies cannot be left to their own devices. They must be carefully groomed and given precise instructions on proper sissy etiquette.¬† If I am starting from scratch with a new sissy, sometimes I may incur a bit of resistance on their part. Then, it becomes necessary to punish them, in . . . → Read More: Strict Protocol for Miss Lena’s Sissies

What Makes A Sissy?

Sissy Traits

Do you wonder exactly what it takes to make a sissy ? Well, for starters, being a sissy requires you to have a certain state of mind. You want to feel feminine. You want¬† to look feminine. Feminization is on your mind all of the time, isn’t it? You are a closet . . . → Read More: What Makes A Sissy?