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Christmas is Cumming!!!

Have you thought about what Mistress could giveĀ  you for Christmas? How about a stocking full of sexy thong panties for your frilly sissy ass? Oh, I know you would love that, but maybe there are other plans in store for you.

Gifts for a sissy

Perhaps, you’re going to be part of the . . . → Read More: Christmas is Cumming!!!

The Way to Mistress’ Heart

Doesn’t every sub want to know how to please their Mistress? If you don’t, what good are you? Nothing should be more important than the approving glances of your Mistress. It is a hellish sub life, when you are constantly on the business end of a paddle or some other punishment. Obedience to the . . . → Read More: The Way to Mistress’ Heart

Coerced Sissification

Mistress’ plan

My submissive , Adam had the impression that we were only shopping for home accessories. Sometimes, I used his back as a step stool, if something was on a high shelf in the store. He was always perfectly still as my heels dug into his flesh. He stayed as still as a . . . → Read More: Coerced Sissification