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No Turning Back For Sissies

It should be no surprise to you that dating women has been such a disaster. Do you think after they find out about your little surprise between the legs that they will ever want to be with you? Of course not! They will keep you around to use as the butt of jokes,until they . . . → Read More: No Turning Back For Sissies

Shrinks Can’t Cure Your Sissy Ways

My friend, Debbie called me yesterday to talk about a particularly difficult client, that had been seeing her for a year. Normally, she’s hush-hush about her patients and would never violate her doctor-patient relationship. I could tell that Cody, not his real name of course , really had her rattled. For a year ,she . . . → Read More: Shrinks Can’t Cure Your Sissy Ways

Lucas Gets Outted

Lucas was unable to stop the fantasies running through his imagination. He  had to concentrate harder at work so as not to give himself away. Every chance he could get away from his desk, he went to the bathroom. It was the same scenario every time, he would sit down in the stall, pants . . . → Read More: Lucas Gets Outted

My Vacation Fireworks

Southern comfort

As you all know, I packed up, to escape for some decadent fun on July 4th weekend. It all started , with my girlfriend’s invitation to a Nude Independence Day Picnic. Hey, I had no idea what this might entail, but you know me, if there is potential for anything kinky to . . . → Read More: My Vacation Fireworks

Know your Role

What Mistress wants

I enjoy a submissive who knows what he is good at and how  he can BEST serve me . I may be speaking for some other Mistresses when I say, that you must know what you can offer me as a sub. Be specific. Just saying that you will do anything . . . → Read More: Know your Role

Charlene To the Rescue

The situation

It was a good thing that Charlie was at home again, when the dreaded letter arrived. After 90 days, of not paying the mortgage, Charlie and his wife, Patricia would be foreclosed on. Come up with the money in 60 days, or find another place to live! It had been almost a . . . → Read More: Charlene To the Rescue

Surprise Panty Boy!


Unexpected visit

I got quite a shock recently, when I was returning something I borrowed from a neighbor of mine. We’re quite friendly and often just walk in to visit or return things. Well, I thought it was her, that I heard in the kitchen. I walked in and wasn’t I surprised, to . . . → Read More: Surprise Panty Boy!