Everyone has one big secret that is locked in the far recesses of their mind. It is the one thing you do not dare tell because of the fear that people’s perception of you will change. If anyone knew it might even alter the course of your life. Are you brave enough to tell me what that secret is?

Some secrets can be exciting, others may be a little unsettling. Think how good you will feel when you tell me your secret. It’s almost like you can breathe because a weight has been lifted off your chest. What would it be worth to you to see exactly what freedom feels like? I think it can be true that the prisons we build in our own minds are the worst ones. Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in how we think others view us that we become paralyzed with fear.

I know for sure that you do not want to feel burdened with something that you might think makes you an imperfect person. Let me tell you though, we’re all imperfect! It is part of the beauty of being human. When we talk you won’t have to worry about the neighbors , friends or co-workers knowing anything because I have no idea who they are!!! LOL! Grab a drink, get comfortable and give me a call. Oh and by the way….nothing is too shocking. Time to open the book of secrets. I’m here for you 🙂