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The Cuckold’s Dilemma

You played the scenario out in your head for months. Many orgasms were had thinking about your hot wife getting fucked by another man’s powerful, thick cock. Now you are facing the cuckold’s dilemma. The situation has gotten out of hand from your perspective anyway. Your tarty wife is getting massive, alpha male dick every night of the week! I have no sympathy for you.

Take responsibility for being in this cuckold’s dilemma. You got what you wished for. It is not her fault your pin prick is out matched by other men! I bet you think she is enjoying this way too much, especially when she fucks them in your bed. You never get to sleep in it with her anymore, do you? Blame it on yourself. It was your brilliant idea to tell her how much it turned you on to think of her getting some strange cock. Now that the big cock is out of the bag, you need to start strength training those wrists! Jack off city is your next stop.


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  • cucked

    the dilemma i have Mistress Lena is do i want to cum? if i do then i have to watch my girlfriend be fucked by hard cock and clean her up.

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