Here you are stumbling through the enchanted Enchantrix forest. In your mind you are getting away from being the object of attention at Ms. Kay Marie’s CFNM and Chastity party, which was a bit too much. If you had any idea how it might turn out, no-showing would have been a good idea. Much to your chagrin, you’re wandering deeper into the woods though. You realize it is a little cooler outside since you left Mistress Kay Marie’s party but of course it feels that way to you–you’re naked!!! Not only are you not wearing a stitch of clothing but your balls are still full from being in chastity.  As you trudge along, you notice these huge leaves with a sticky, white substance on them. An idea crosses your mind- these leaves could be made into a skirt!! You will look absolutely ridiculous, but you will not be naked!

What Horror Awaits In The Forest

The leaf skirt warms you up as you walk but you have this sinking feeling inside. Stopping for a minute and looking around you realize…. you’re lost! Everything looks the same and a pungent odor fills the air. You can see smoke billowing up in the distance. A few minutes ago, you heard no sounds at all and it was eerily quiet but something has changed. Now you can hear the faint screams and squeals getting louder as you get closer. The smoke is wafting from a chimney on top of the only warehouse at the edge of the woods. All of the femdommes at the party did say that it was of specific importance to stay away from the secluded factory at the edge of the forest. For reasons unknown, it is called the cum factory house of horrors.

As soon as you are close enough to read the sign above the doorway, you’re swept up into a net. Squirming doesn’t help as you feel the net sliding down a rope to dump you into a vacant, dark room. When your body hits the floor, a fine mist begins to permeate the small room and you feel instantly sleepy. You awake to find yourself strapped to a bed face down. There is a cut-out placed perfectly in the bed so that you can see the floor and the large mirror propped up against the wall. You feel a twinge of pain in the tip of your cock just as a sultry voice cuts the silence. “It’s the cum catheter – everyone says it hurts at first, you just have to get accustomed to the feeling”. “I’m Miss Lena and you must not be too smart or you would not be here.” You can see her broad, red-lipstick smile in the mirror and her long , black hair. She is wearing a witch’s hat that suits her maniacal laugh.

Halloween Cum For Profit

You can hear the whirring sound of an electrical device and the uncomfortable feeling of anal penetration. The drill-like sound turns to a buzzing as Miss Lena explains that the cum factory of horrors is a year-round operation. You realize the buzzing sound is an anal stimulator massaging the prostate so that cum is drained into the catheter. All you feel is a constant dripping without the sensation of orgasm. After a few hours go by, the unsatisfying feeling prompts you to start calling out for someone to turn off the machines . You recognize the voice over the speaker in your room- ” Oh, dear there is no way we can stop now. Halloween begins our holiday rush season. All the cum supplied from men like you goes into our face cream! -How funny, you men want your cum on women’s faces and it will be– at $500 a jar! ” The sinister laugh reverberated off the walls. You are literally fucked!

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