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The Pleasure In Pleasing

I believe it is true of every submissive. The pleasure you derive from pleasing mistress outweighs everything else. It does not matter just how outlandish my requests are. You jump through hoops to gain my approval. This is the reason you are here right? Make yourself comfortable with the idea that our pleasures are linked. When you are disagreeable , it puts me in a sour mood. Once my mood is spoiled, I am more likely to punish you like the snotty brat you resemble.

You must always have a sunny attitude with mistress. Remember the pleasure is in the pleasing! Get on your knees now. Wait for instruction on how you will please me. Shiver with anticipation as I ready myself in my boudoir. Can you smell the mesmerizing scent of my womanliness as I approach? The scent of my femininity makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. I see your cock is at attention too. Let’s begin.

3 comments to The Pleasure In Pleasing

  • Emily

    You are so right . All I want is pleasure someone . And I think I might have just found him . Yes I am a Cock sucker .

  • Miss Lena, all females want to feel special and all males are subservients. This is why the Mistress/submissive relationship works so darn well and go together as well as peas and carrots.

  • Hehehe, sometimes the pleasure is also in the backhand. I won’t go so far as to say EVERY submissive wants that, but there are a few brats out there who like to push buttons just to see how far they can get before Mistress really lets them have it. If they get away with enough nonsense in their day-to-day, they begin to crave being reigned in. So I say, let ’em have it!

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