This may sound like a silly question. You might be thinking, “Panties are underwear for women”. I know, silly because I am wearing my own cute panties. I mean to ask, what are your panties for? I know you have secrets but tell me how you use them. Do you wrap a silky pair around your cock and stroke until your hot , creamy load sprays out? You could always put them on yourself and hump a pillow! Not your style? No problem.

If you are not going to jerk off with the panties, maybe you might wear them. Sounds more like what you want to do? Great! Now we are getting somewhere. I guess, for you panties are part of your everyday wardrobe. Like the famous credit card, you never leave home without them! Panties are a reminder that you might look like a man on the outside but you enjoy feeling feminine and submissive. Go ahead and give me a call to tell me what your panties are for.