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What Is Your Sissy Persona?

It is obvious that you like being girly and feminine, but that could mean something different than other people imagine. How do you like to be treated? What is your sissy persona? Are you the coy,shy sissy? Maybe you are the classic 1950’s housewife or the bimbo slut!What style would fit your image the best? Think about whether you like skimpy, skin-tight outfits or fitted, clothes that are more tailored. How you dress should make you feel so comfortable that your confidence and femininity show through.

If your sissy persona does not like to wear heavy makeup, then don’t do it! You will only look silly and feel self-conscious . Do what makes you feel good and wear some mascara,lip gloss and groomed brows. A hint of blush will top off the look perfectly. If being ultra sexy is your thing, go ahead and wear dresses that look like you were poured into them. Make sure your figure is tight and fit though. You will always get the most attention without effort, if you play to your strengths!


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  • Petey cream puff

    After being put in friend zone by my girlfriends it’s tome to step up my feminization and I’m going to do just that by dressing up at home as a girl and start calling the mistresses more. I’m done with going out/socializing/having fun where I always end up being last to leave/get home way late/not enough sleep along with being odd person out and getting burned by this. At my age most women are married with kids and I’m not as I could care less about dating and having a girlfriend along with the drama and emotion of being in relationship.

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