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What To Do With Your Puny Peen

In case you haven’t figured out by now, your little dick is worthless! So what can you do with it, addicted little stroker? There is always the option of jerking it with two fingers.  Usually that  works just fine. Do not think you will be allowed to cum though. Cumming is only for dicks that have a purpose. The only purpose yours has is, as a source of entertainment. Even I have to admit that it is perfect for that. We could always increase the laughs by adding a pair of pink panties to the mix. You would look so cute in those or some superhero briefs!

Why the long face, my penily challenged loser? I know the truth is devastating, but the possibilities I mentioned before were much better than the other option. You may not imagine yourself as a panty boy, but can you see your cocktail weenie in chastity? I told you, little peters don’t deserve to cum, unless it’s a ruined orgasm.

3 comments to What To Do With Your Puny Peen

  • mike

    I once had a woman explain this to me with a somewhat normalizing explanation. She explained it more in terms of biology than personality. She said in the animal world (of which we are part) the females of the species are generally looking for “ideal” males which are the ones who have the strongest male traits – including a solid endowment. She said males who are less “blessed” in the endowment area are in truth going to have less, maybe even far less, “opportunity” to be “paired” with eligible females. She said it is not like those guys will have “zero” opportunity but far less and they will have to generally work far harder to prove themselves and offer other things besides there masculinity (she said masculinity but implied endowment was a main part of that). She said it’s “just a fact” and guys need learn to live with it.

    • Lena

      She is right. We are still programmed to look for the alpha male. The man with the most ideal masculine traits gets his pick of women.

  • mike

    I have come to believe it is true. The “most male” guys do get the choices. The less masculine guys get few to no choices. I think it may be part of where submissiveness in males comes from. Guys want the female attention super bad, even if the are a bit feminine or at least not masculine, endowed, confident etc. I have seen this play out in real time where women will “ask” mundane tasks of the “less than” guy and he will jump to comply. Yet you know you are not going to get anywhere but still do whatever asked. I think it is satisfying to be close to “her” at all.

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