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What You Can Do With A Pinky Size Pecker

It has been established that you have an under-sized weenie. You may be wondering what exactly can you do with a pinky-size pecker? There isn’t one mistress here that is not going to laugh once they see just how small you are. So, obviously your pinky-size pecker can be used for entertainment purposes. If I stripped you naked and made you stand in front of all my girlfriends they would giggle and point. You can hear them say words like baby carrot prick, Vienna sausage, shrimp dick. There are plenty of funny words to describe your lack of endowment.

The other thing you can do with a pinky-size pecker is tuck it between your legs. No one can tellĀ  you have anything down there anyway, so you might as well get used to the sensation. When you turn to the side and observe your profile in the mirror, it looks so smooth. Being flat makes it so easy to wear any panties that you want to. You see, your pinky-size pecker is good for something. Don’t fret little guy.

4 comments to What You Can Do With A Pinky Size Pecker

  • Petey cream puff

    Great post!!! With mine it should and need to be put in panties tucked away. Would you have me wear bra as well?

  • sissy donna

    Mistress Lena, You are correct, i wear my panties all the time and my little cock can barley be seen in the pretty panty!

  • Mistress Amber

    Just because your little dick is a huge disappointment everywhere doesn’t mean that you aren’t the perfect toy for a Mistress! I think my favorite is when my friends are over and I make you show them your sad, little sprout! All of that humiliation makes for one hell of a good time!

  • sissy donna

    Mistress Amber,i will make that suggestion to Her or Her boyfriend when She has them over.Most know that i am a submissive cock sucker,but i never have been completely naked in front of all of them.Some times there are as many as 10 people there,and if She does make me undress i am sure i will be humiliated by many if not all.
    thank You Mistress.

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