It may sound like an odd question to ask, but what is in your sissy panties? Look down now and tell me. Perhaps you have a little clit that is almost not evident when you turn to the side. You look like a woman from the waist down. Do you like that? Or are you totally humiliated by the size of it? What is in your sissy panties may or may not affect your life. Maybe you are one of the sissies who have become a cuckold as a result of what’s in your panties.

On the flip side, your panties might be full. Some of you are adequate in the size department, but just like the way your man meat feels inside all that silky material. It could be that your above average cock is in chastity. When you look down you get a glimpse of the stainless steel or silicone contraption. Whether you are on the a regular panty wearer or just put them on for an occasional treat, let me know what is in your panties. It doen’t matter if you’re a real or imaginary sissy.