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It all starts with settling into a boring suburban life. You think everything is okay, but one day she realizes it’s not enough. She has decided there are men who can really please her.  When you are a cuckold your dick is just not enough. That hot wife of yours becomes more and more bold. Even though you are her husband in name, you might as well be wearing a pair of panties that say, “small dick loser”. Did you ever think you would be living with a pricktease?

When you are a cuckold all the privileges of being married go away. You end up sleeping in the spare bedroom as your wife fucks her bull stud in the bed you paid for. Yes, you pay for everything, but get nothing except to lick a cum-filled pussy. Okay, you think. At least being chief pussy licker is still your domain! The only downside is that you have to get her bull’s cock hard in your mouth. Humiliating, I know. She did spare you from wearing the t-shirt that reads “CUCK BITCH” on the back though.

You cannot help but lament the way things were before she realized you did not deserve her. She told you straight to your face that she needed a real man who could satisfy her and that was not you! Don’t worry. This is all normal for a relationship with a submissive husband and a dominant wife. Admit it , you feel pathetic but relieved because you always were a beta type. Now as a cuckold you can get all the ridicule and debasement wifey doles out.