secret Pantyboy


So you’re a secret panty boy, huh? How long has that been going on for you? Are you relatively new to the idea of wearing women’s panties in secret, or is this something you’ve been doing for quite some time now?

I bet I can guess how it started for you. It happens to a lot of guys like yourself, after all.

How Someone Becomes A Secret Panty Boy

Many guys like you, who have small penises, become secret panty boys in time. It’s as though they know that having a small dick that looks like a clitty means that they should cover it in the same way a woman would cover her private areas. So they start wearing panties as a symbol of their inadequacies.

Or perhaps it didn’t go exactly like that. Maybe a Mistress had you start wearing women’s panties as a form of small penis humiliation. And at some point, you decided that you enjoyed this form of humiliation so much that you’d do it on your own! I know several guys who have become secret panty boys in this way.

Regardless of the exact way that it happened, I’m sure your puny peen had something to do with it. They always do!

From Panty Boy To Crossdresser

I have to tell you, though, it doesn’t necessarily stop with panties. Sure, if you’re a secret panty boy, it may never go any further than that. But on the other hand, it might. You may find yourself turning into a full-on crossdresser. It always starts with panties. Then, maybe you add a pair of stockings to your panties. Maybe a bra as well. And suddenly, you realize you’re dressing in full feminine attire! How on earth did that happen?

The answer is that you just realized your inner nature. You were always meant to be a crossdresser. Your secret panty boy fetish was just the beginning. So if you find yourself falling further down the rabbit hole, you should just embrace it. Be who you were you truly meant to be. Become the crossdressing slut you’ve secretly wanted to be.

From Crossdresser To Sissy

And don’t think for a moment that your secret panty boy to crossdresser transformation is the only one that’s possible for you. You may just turn into a full-blown sissy. I can just picture you now, mincing around and acting bimbo-ish and silly. Does that make your tiny dick hard? Come now, don’t lie to me. I know you better than that.

I love helping a guy go from a secret panty boy to a crossdresser to a sissy. You’re like a falling star in the sky, dropping from slightly girly to 100% pathetic. And it’s so much fun for me to watch that transformation and help it along!

So what do you think? Do you think your secret panty boy desires will stop at just wearing panties? I mean, you never know. You might be one of the lucky few who do. But I say it’s far more likely that you’ll turn into a cross dresser. And after that, you’ll turn into a sissy. I bet you never imagined your thing for SPH would lead you this far, did you?

I would love to talk to you about your secret panty boy fetish. Let’s see just how far we can get you to fall. I think you’ll find that the ride down is quite enjoyable. And I look forward to taking it with you. Talk to you soon!