I think I have to repeat this for all my dear callers who keep asking me. Here we go. You are a sissy, not a real man!!! Did you hear that? Okay. You enjoy dressing in pretty clothes that make you feel feminine. Every day your clittie is tucked securely in panties and no women would ever consider you a prospect. The mere mention of cock almost messes up your undies with cummies, so why as me the question again? NO,sissy!!! You are not one of them because what you have in your panties resembles a much, much smaller version of theirs.

I know. You have a micropenis, as some call it, but you also got the feminine brain. It is time to come to terms with it. When you wake up in the morning, you will still be a sissy. I would even bet that there will be a wet spot on the sheets from having a dream about being on your knees sucking cock! There is no cure for you. Be honest, would you want one? Let me answer that for you. NOPE!!! Hell NO! Admit it to me….you LOVE being a sissy 🙂