Direction From A Superior Woman


Do you need direction from a superior woman? Sure, you do. The only question here is, do you realize it yet?

I want to tell you guys a little story about a game I played with a sub recently. In honor of December’s Site of the Month being Pass The Penis, I was able to help a lovely group of Mistresses drive a little cuck crazy. It was very exciting, and I’m going to tell you all about it.

What Is Pass The Penis?

Before I tell you the story, though, I should probably explain what Pass The Penis is, in case some of you don’t know already. Basically, it’s a big game of tease and denial that involves multiple Mistresses. You, the player, pass through the hands of several Mistresses, usually 4-6 of them. Each one teases and denies you in her own way, until you get to the last Mistress. The final Mistress gets to decide whether you’ll be allowed to cum at the end or not.

So now you know the sort of game I was playing with this cuck and my Mistress friends. He was definitely one of those guys who was in dire need of direction from a superior woman.

Teasing And Denying The Cuckold Husband

I was lucky enough during this round of Pass The Penis to be the last Mistress this guy talked to. So I had him tell me his story. He confessed that he was a cuckold husband whose wife was out with her bull for the evening. She had given him instructions to edge himself, but not cum until she got home. Okay, that meant I couldn’t let him cum. I hadn’t intended to, anyway, though, so it was no big deal.

His wife had given him direction from a superior woman by telling him to keep himself on the edge all night. My Mistress friends had also given him directions on how to entertain them. Now, it was my turn to do the same!

I had him tell me all about some of their previous exploits. It seems his wife is quite the hot wife, going out with all the different Alpha males in town. As you can imagine, this drove him crazy in the best sort of way. So I listened to some of the things they had done together and kept teasing him the whole time.

Do You Need Direction From A Superior Woman?

I kept him on the edge throughout our call. So much so that he barely dared to touch his pathetic peen, for fear he’d cum without permission! At the end, I denied him and sent him on his way.

It was a lot of fun, humiliating and denying him like that. So naturally, it made me want to do it again with someone else! That’s why I decided to write this post today, in hopes of attracting another Pass The Penis participant.

If you’re considering playing, ask yourself if you need direction from a superior woman. There’s no doubt that you do, if you’re honest with yourself. And not only do you need it, but you also crave it. Every bone in your body cries out for instructions from a superior woman like my friends and me.

Once you’ve accepted this as the truth, there’s only one thing left for you to do. Pick up the phone and give my Mistress friends and me a call for some holiday Pass The Penis fun. You’ll get your direction from  superior women, and I’ll get to boss around another grovelling wanker. It’s a win for everyone involved. So what are you waiting for?