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You Know You Want IT…ANAL Play That Is

"Anal is Best!"I know that all men really want some type of anal play, whether they admit it or not. Don’t try to lie to me and tell me you have never touched yourself in that area. Of course, you can feel your cock twitch, as finger tips graze past that puckered pleasure hole! You might wonder if anal play is right for you. Let me tell you one thing, if you want an explosive orgasm that makes your body convulse and your knees buckle, try anal masturbation!

Just because you decide to give playing with your puckered pleasure hole a whirl, don’t worry about it making you gay. Now, if after a few rounds with a dildo, you decide to search for a real cock and keep going back, um….you can rethink it then. Until that time arrives, some prostate masturbation will feel so good. Don’t even tell me you have no idea where your prostate is. Just google that one because I would need to be there to show you.

It is best to start out with a freshly showered body. Make sure your finger nails are well-groomed. No jagged edges should be present. Make sure you have a slippery lubricant, like baby oil. Using your fingers, lightly stimulate the entrance to your anal pleasure cave. As you go back and forth ,between jerking off and fingering yourself, enjoy the sensations. As you try this more often, you will be ready for toys.

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8 comments to You Know You Want IT…ANAL Play That Is

  • busty sissy tina

    Oh Mistress You are so right on this one. When i first started anal play i had no idea how addictive it would be. At my best i have taken a nice double ended toy over 12″ in my pleasure hole. Sliding that toy in and out faster and faster and i can cum like the gurl i am without touching my clitty. It is amazing

  • OMG Ms Lena…I just came from Ms Rita’s blog, guess what it was about, yup anal sluts. I swear, the world population will be going down quicker than we can imagine. Necessity is the mother of invention as said. every boy I had on the line today was an anal slut…what gives? not that I am complaining at all!

  • This is wonderful advice for all would-be anal sluts. Anal stimulation should feel really good, and taking it slow and working up to larger items such as butt plugs and dlidoes. The more you play with your ass, the more your body will get used to considering that stimulation pleasurable.

  • I love toys up my hole. I not only shower before hand but also douche to make sure I’m clean and sweet smelling. I’ve never been fucked but would love to and experience a sissygasm.

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